🎉 The Ultimate Cross-Platform Template!

The All-In-One Template
For iOS, Android & Web

Launch your app on all platforms, without reinventing the wheel.

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Everything you need, setup by default.

Authentication - Firebase Auth
Free and secure user authentication to protect your app and users.
Analytics - Firebase Analytics
Gain insights on user behavior with analytics to track and optimize app performance.
Web Payments - Stripe
Integrate seamless and secure payment processing with Stripe.
In-App Purchases - RevenueCat
Monetize your app effortlessly with built-in support for in-app purchases.
Database - Firestore
Free & simple database with real-time support by default.
SEO - NextJS server-side rendering
Enhance your app’s visibility with built-in SEO tools.
Internationalisation - i18n on all platforms
Reach a global audience with multi-language support.
Remote Push Notifications - Firebase Messaging
Engage users with timely and personalized push notifications.
Mobile Measurement Partner - AppsFlyer
Track app install conversions from marketing campaigns.
Everything you need, setup by default.

Develop once, deploy anywhere.

Expo (React Native + React Native Web)
Build and deploy apps for both web and mobile using Expo.
Utilize the power of NextJS for server-side rendering and SEO optimization.
Enhance your development experience with TypeScript for type safety.
Redux Toolkit
Manage your app’s state efficiently with Redux Toolkit.
NativeWind (cross-platform styling)
Implement cross-platform styling with ease using NativeWind.
Solito (cross-platform navigation)
Navigate seamlessly across platforms with Solito.
Moti / Reanimated (cross-platform animations)
Create stunning animations with Moti and Reanimated.
React-Native-Reusables (cross-platform shadcn-ui)
Utilize reusable components for consistent UI across platforms.
Yarn Workspace Monorepo
Manage your project efficiently with Yarn Workspace Monorepo setup.
Develop once, deploy anywhere.

Launch your app on any platform, quickly!

Focus on what makes your app unique. Forget about the rest.

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  • Landing Page

  • Onboarding Flow

  • Paywall

  • Tab Bar

  • Dashboard

  • Settings

  • Pricing

  • Login & Register

  • Profile

  • Yarn Monorepo

  • Authentication

  • Analytics

  • Web Payments

  • In-App Purchases

  • Database

  • Internationalisation

  • Remote Push Notifications

  • Mobile Measurement Partner

  • Light/Dark Mode

  • Next App Router